UX design and the importance of UX

We hear a lot about the UX design. Sometimes this term is confused with UI design. However, these two concepts are completely different and play separate roles. With the UX design, it is an important part of the final product’s success. In this article, we learn about this term as well as the UX design service at Write App

What is the UX design?

When it comes to “design”, most of us think of the process of creating something visible. But it is not true of the UX design. Or precisely, it is a broader and more abstract concept.

UX design stands for User Experience Design. It means designing to optimize the user experience. It is also difficult to imagine from this definition what will be designed in this step. So ignoring the concern about the word “design”, first we need to understand the User Experience.

UX Design – User Experience Design

In any product, besides the look, the feeling when using is very important. Beautiful image can be part of the experience but it does not decide all. For food, it is the appetite; For a bed, it is comfortable when lying down.

Therefore, likewise with the technology products such as websites or applications, the user experience can be convenient manipulation or really useful feeling. The work of a UX designer is to optimize this experience, making the users satisfied with each operation.

Unlike graphic design, UX designers do not use too many design tools. The works of UX designers are about the experience, so they work more with people. Behavior, habits, or desires of the users are what UX designers have to care about, learn about and understand. Having done these things, then we can come up with the best solution to optimize products.

We need to understand that UX design is touching the feeling. The purpose of users when using any product is to get some work done. Thus, the function of the product will be a support tool for users. In this sense, the process of creating products must aim to narrow the gap between users and their end goal. Those things are also what UX designers must optimize.

Basic steps in UX design

There will be no standard procedure for the work of a designer. However, to get the work done professionally and methodically, it will always go through some necessary steps. You can refer to the 6 basic steps in the UX design process at Write App.

UX design process

👉 Step 1: take up the project

First, we receive product requests from our customers. Designers need to understand the customers as well as the products that they will create. Therefore, this step also includes interviews with clients and discussions with project members.

👉 Step 2: Research and analysis

This is a particularly important step in the entire design. The research process includes research on products, customers, users, markets and competitors. After getting all the information, we begin to analyze. In this phase, we can sketch from the information gathered. Simulate them with diagrams and come up with solutions.

👉 Step 3: forming ideas and designing

Building the most basic user flow. Start creating wireframes to visualize the whole. Next is the prototype of the product.

👉 Step 4: Testing

This process is carried out continuously. Testing on every smallest detail, getting feedback, then fixing and improving.

👉 Step 5: Complete and check with customers

Once completed, the UX designers will present it to the client and check with the end-user.

👉 Step 6: Transfer to other parts to create the final product

The complete UX design has not yet released the final product for users. Therefore, the final step in the UX design procedure is to transfer it to other departments.

The importance of the UX design

Directly affecting the user feeling is the way that UX design shows its importance. This determines whether the users have a long stay with the website, the application or not. A successful UX design will make users no longer think about it. That is, the user experience goes smoothly to get what they want. Their experience will not be interrupted by any obstacle that causes them to leave before the experience is over.

The quality of life is increasingly improved. Therefore, users always require everything at a higher level. The UX design was created to respond to this. That is the reason the UX design is now having a substantial impact and sought-after.

For businesses, the ultimate goal is to sell products or services. To achieve this, it is necessary to understand and satisfy customers. A website or an app with a good UX design will make it easier for customers to make a purchase decision. Giving customers a good experience, they will respond to the business by using and trusting the products. The facts show that the UX design helps many businesses increase sales more strongly.

On the contrary, if the experience is not good, the users will quickly leave and select the products of your opponent. Many people believe that focusing on optimizing the user experience shows the company’s professional level. Finally, there is no reason a company should not invest in UX design.

UX design service at Write App

Write App is one of the leading companies providing technology services and solutions. Write App understands that user experience is an important part of any technology product. With the UX design and consulting service, Write App focuses on solving the core issues to bring customers the best products.

UX design is very important

The UX design experts of Write App always focus on the users’ demand. All steps in the process, we all center on the customer desires. Not a product that satisfies the creative needs of designers, what Write App does is find an intersection between the user desires and the business interests.

Based on this intersection, Write App helps companies focus on their business goals in the best way. write’s experienced UX designers will deliver the perfect tool the way you want. For advice on the UX design service, please contact us.

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