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UI design is currently a widely used design technology in website or application development. This is an important element to attract and impress users. For many reasons, UI design is increasingly focused and popular in web/app design. First, we will learn about this term.

What is UI design?

UI in UI design stands for “User Interface”. Put simply, UI is what users see or use to interact with a web or app. It consists of the buttons, the text, the images, slider, and all the other items users interact with. All these elements are created from the design process.

So, the UI design is the process designer use to create interfaces in software or computerized devices. This process will focus on looks and style. The task of UI design may be view as a transmission of messages from designers and suppliers to users. From that, users can find easy to use websites or apps. This also means creating a guide that is not only easy to understand but also friendly to use.

Regardless of the content and purpose of that website or app, it must be accessible to the user before being implemented. What UI design does is for this approach. The designer decides what the product is going to look like. This work includes choosing color schemes, button shapes, fonts used for text, etc. UI designers create the look and feel of an application’s user interface. From there, users may decide whether to continue to experience it or not.

In fact, user behavior depends on their interest. So a UI designer needs to work with human behavior in mind. Not only is the UI designer a creator in the way they want, but they also put themselves in the user’s shoes. Getting to know users is one of the most important stages in the UI design process. The designer understands and anticipates what users expect then use things like patterns, color, or arrangement to guide them. This is also a response to the user with a friendly design.

The difference and relationship between UX and UI design

UX and UI design

Normally, UX and UI design are always mentioned together. If UI is interface design, UX belongs to experience. One is visual impacts; the other relates to feelings and thoughts. UI designers work mainly with graphic tools, while UX works more with people. Although having different functions, they work closely together.

UX and UI design share the same end goal – to provide a positive experience for users. And the important thing is that both have to be invested in the same way to get the best effect. A beautiful and attractive design cannot save a website that is difficult and inconvenient to use. Similarly, a brilliant and smooth user experience can hardly be appreciated when accompanied by a bad interface design. In both cases, users will quickly leave the website or the app.

Moreover, User Interface Design can be considered as a crucial subset of UX. In this way, the user experience is good or not partly influenced by the UI design. This is one of the factors emphasizing the importance of UI design that we will discuss later.

How important is User Interface Design?

Not only for website or application, but almost everything would be more appealing if they had a striking appearance. When we have not understood a person or something, their appearance will be what makes us decide whether to approach or not. Especially with consumer psychology, the product aspect is more important.

Back to UI design, this is the process of bringing the app or web closer to the user. Through this approach, users can begin to discover the features available on the application. So we can see UI design as the first factor that impacts to customers. That is, the user interface design has a very important role to decide on product quality.

Additionally, the role of UI design is to make it easier for users to use the product. Any app or web is too complex and difficult will push away the traffic. UI design is to describe the features of the web/app graphically. The graphic of these features should be easy to understand and identify. A simple and effective UI design will be of immense help in achieving the objectives of the web/app. A good user interface makes the app/web usage process more enjoyable and flexible thanks to the smooth completion of every task.

A poor and unfriendly UI design will make it difficult for users to fully exploit the features of the web/app. It even leads to inconvenience and discomfort for users. Customers often make a decision very quickly, that they will switch to another site instead of losing time in a difficult one.

The fundamental elements of UI design

From the user’s perspective, a UI design product needs to be optimized on the following basic elements:

There are many elements in UI design

✔️ The layout

Layout in UI design gives an overview of the website or app when users first visit. The layout should be simple, clear, but also attractive. Users will easily find what they want. Moreover, this will also stimulate users to go to the parts that you want.

✔️ Typography

Fonts also have strong visual appeal. Therefore it also plays a huge role in UI design. Subtle and appropriate text will make the overall more attractive.

✔️ Color

In design, color selection is a very important part. Because color also sets the mood for the interface, it has a strong impact on user experience. The work of designers is to figure out how to control the subjectivity of colors. And then they get it to do what they want for the interface. Plus, colors also need to create the highlights and characteristics.

✔️ Graphic

Finally, a beautiful graphic design is needed to convey information attractively and effectively. This also needs the designer to understand his product as well as the customer. Beautiful and impressive graphics should be at the intersection of all parties.

UI design service for websites/ applications at Write App

UI design has almost become an integral part of website and application design. With the foregoing, user interface design shows its strength in attracting and satisfying users. This is very close to conquering customers.

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