Mobile App and new technology development trends

Mobile apps are gradually dominating the technology life today. Statistics show that up to 96% of all internet users are from smartphone devices. Therefore, developing a mobile app is essential to keep up with technology and meet the needs of users. For businesses, this is also the necessary direction for business development.

Benefits of designing a mobile app to the operation of businesses

Creating a mobile app is not too difficult to do in this era. We have seen the number of people using smartphones to access the internet is huge. In particular, on average a month, users install up to 5 mobile applications to explore. This shows the growing demand for mobile apps and is constantly growing.

If smartphones are easily seen as a more convenient tool than laptops, the mobile app is also showing it to be more convenient than accessing websites. So without the app, the competitiveness of the business will also decrease. They will not have access to potential customers on mobile.

With the advent of smartphones, creating a mobile app on this device will help businesses easily take care of users. Besides website development, you can also invest in creating mobile applications to make users feel more excited. If it works well, the user will become a loyal customer and actively introduce more friends.

Making mobile applications also helps businesses to report and make detailed statistics on application downloads and usage times according to the requirements of each operating system. Applications running on Big Data will optimize the management capabilities of the business. This makes it easy for businesses to track user behavior. From there, there will be forecasts to implement marketing or advertising strategies, promotions that focus precisely on potential customers.

Building a mobile app is also a great tool for businesses to promote their brands. Mobile app will be an effective channel for you to build and promote new products, new projects, brands to customers more widely. With the shortening of the process of approaching customers, the revenue will increase dramatically if you know how to take advantage. It also minimizes marketing costs when sending notifications to customers who have installed the app.

Application of big data in e-commerce and many other fields

Application of big data in e-commerce and many other fields

Thanks to Big Data, managers can measure business, create deeper insights, make more accurate decisions that improve investment decisions and business results. Apps running on Big Data systems will help businesses impact customers intelligently and optimally.

Especially for the e-commerce industry, nothing is more effective than a mobile app. Use the app to reach customers more quickly. Besides putting items up systematically, the app will also help assess customer behavior. From there, these big data are aggregated and analyzed to create the appropriate customizations.

Not only e-commerce, but many other industries also need these mobile apps to be easier to manage. It is a benefit that if you only focus on website development, you will lose a lot of opportunities to grow your business.

Some trends in mobile app development in 2020

– Chatbot application

According to statistics, customers want to interact for shopping or using the service through messaging applications rather than by calling or meeting directly with sellers. So chatbot service is essential to help meet the requirements of users. Combined with automatic answering will help improve customer care. Integrating Chatbot in mobile apps will be an indispensable solution in e-commerce mobile apps.

– Mobile payment trends – digital wallets

The mobile payment feature is being used more widely on mobile apps. It is much more convenient and quicker for customers to use cash for daily payments. Especially when the number of online shoppers is increasing.

– Application of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology develops at an extremely fast pace. There have been many companies incorporating this new technology into mobile apps. Blockchain created DApps – today’s decentralized application.

– AI technology (Artificial Intelligence)

The AI technology is programmed to help intelligent technology devices automate intelligent behaviors like humans. The application of artificial intelligence brings a better experience to users. It responds promptly to customers’ needs. It is also easier for vendors to gather information and arrange schedules. Putting this technology into use helps to maximize productivity.

– On-demand apps

On-demand apps are becoming more familiar and popular in the new age. Delivery services, transportation services, cleaning, appointment scheduling, … bring attractive convenience to customers. Therefore, these On-demand apps are gradually dominating the market and getting richer. This is the capture of modern consumer psychology by quick and convenient methods. So this will also be the future of mobile app development.

In addition to these trends, there are also many other potential mobile app development trends in 2019. Experts in website development and app development always update new trends to bring the best applications. If your business doesn’t have a mobile app and you don’t know where to start, it’s better to look for app design companies.

Icosoft is currently the leading developer of e-commerce mobile app in Vietnam. Technology research and development works of Icosoft focus on sales and e-commerce. Therefore, the mobile app products are always updated with the latest and most advanced technology. Our customers are also the leading experts in their field with mobile apps that are widely used by users.

It is undeniable that the technology coverage, especially the role of mobile apps in the 4.0 era. Being a smart and up-to-date businessman can not be missed this wonderful opportunity. Because ultimately the purpose of each business is to attract and satisfy customers’ needs to profit. Let Icosof help your business get closer to customers through the best mobile app versions.

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