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iOS application development services are being sought by many people and companies. This is a right step in business development in the new era. But when there are many providers of this service, it is necessary to choose a reputable company. So, we need to have knowledge about these iOS apps and which company will be able to help you get it done.

What is iOS app development?

We know that iOS is an operating system that runs in Apple mobile devices. They run in devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch,… In conclusion, the iOS apps are the applications run on this operating system platform. These apps are downloaded by users from the App Store.

iOS operating system

iOS apps are written in specialized programming languages such as Objective-C or Swift. Combined with other stages, this is an important step in the iOS app development process. Once completed, you need to upload the app to the App Store. To do that, the developers must register a Dev account to be licensed and released the software.

To simplify this process, companies often need the help of outsourcing. They are professional iOS app development companies. Their services usually include the process of designing and upload the apps to the App Store.

iOS app design – one of the key services of Write App

As a company working in technology, Write App always understands what is the current demand. Smartphones nowadays have a great influence on modern life. With many functions and convenience, the smartphone resolves many problems that we may have spent more time and energy to do. In combination with the Internet and online businesses, companies can develop an app to further support.

We know that two platforms dominating the market share are iOS and Android. Companies had better develop applications on both platforms. However, many companies can only afford one. This could be a way for companies to explore the market before developing on both platforms. And many companies decided to develop an iOS app first.

iOS app development

Although iOS users only account for half of Android, the revenue of iOS is always higher. Easy to see that, users of Apple products are willing to pay for the apps they find useful. And Android users prefer the free ones. This is the difference that shows iOS app development is very potential.

Understand these things, Write App built the iOS app development service as one of the key services of us. We establish a development team specializing in designing iOS apps to best serve our customers. When developing the iOS app at Write App, customers will experience the most convenient and economical package service.

Steps in developing an iOS app at Write App

iOS app development at Write App includes the following steps:

✔️ Receiving customers request.

Write App staff receive customers requests for iOS apps that they want.

✔️ Overall project research and analysis.

After this step, Write App will have the final description of the iOS app development project for customers. This description includes complete and detailed information about the time and cost of implementation. The implementation costs consists of logistics and long-term maintenance systems. Based on this description, we can evaluate the quality and level of completion.

✔️ Design

UX/UI design is conducted base on the original description to build the entire graphics of iOS apps.

✔️ Development & Testing

This is the stage of execution and formation of the project system. Besides, that are test phases to ensure the app quality.

✔️ Inspection and handover to customers

After customers are satisfied, Write App will upload the apps to the App Store. Besides, Write App also supports instruction, training and technology transfer.

What do customers get when developing the iOS app?

Without owning an app, companies may be one step behind the competitors. With the advantages of being compact and convenient, smartphones are being used more than PCs or laptops today. To approach smartphone users, especially the iPhone, an iOS app is indispensable.

Thiết kế app thời trang đang là xu hướng

Not only that but owning an iOS app also brings more benefits to the businesses, such as:

👉 Reaching target customers more quickly and accurately.

👉 Retaining customers. UX/UI design of Write App is always optimal for customers. Along with that are the useful and diverse features.

👉 Owning an effective marketing tool. The promotions will be informed customers quickly. Special promotions for app downloaders will also encourage customers to recommend to more users.

👉 Interacting with customers easily through the apps. Users can buy your goods or use your services anytime. Besides, businesses also receive customer feedback through reviews and comments.

👉 Increasing sales and profits When developing an iOS app, companies expect more customers to come. That means sales and profits also increase. Especially for iOS users with high income and affordability, it is undeniable that they can bring in higher revenue.

Why choose Write App for iOS app development?

The above benefits are only achieved by having a truly quality iOS app. It depends on the app development company you choose. For the following reasons, Write App believes that we are the leading choice for iOS app development services.

✔️ The technician team is very experienced in iOS app design.

✔️ Update and expertly apply all the most advanced technology today.

✔️ Develop apps according to customer requirements, integrate attractive and superior functions.

✔️ Beautiful, attractive UX / UI design.

✔️ Free using the Apple Dev account.

✔️ High speed, stable data server. Technical team of 24/24 troubleshooting.

✔️ Maximum information security.

With these advantages, Write App certainly makes customers are satisfied with the iOS app development service. We have also seen how an iOS app can benefit businesses. Contact Write App to let us help you.

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