Blockchain technology solutions and applications

Blockchain technology is gaining worldwide attention. Its appearance brings great meaning to many industries. Therefore, the application of blockchain in operation is of great interest to businesses. Here is some useful information about blockchain technology and the reputable blockchain company you can refer to.

Blockchain definition

Many people today mention and praise about blockchain. The keyword “Blockchain meaning” is also searched a lot. The advent of this technology has brought a great advance in the 4.0 revolution. But in fact, not many people understand what blockchain technology really is.

So what is blockchain technology? The blockchain definition can be understood from its name, just a chain of blocks. Specifically, blocks are made up of digital pieces of information. They are stored in a public database called “chains”.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a growing list of blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash,  timestamp, and transaction data of the previous block.

A blockchain can be compared to a ledger. That is where all activities related to corporate finance are recorded and closely monitored. So in the case of Blockchain, it will be a digital ledger. Here, the transactions are duplicated and distributed across the network of computer systems on the blockchain.

Blockchain systems are closely linked and complex chains, so any changes will break the chain. Once the data has been accepted, there is no way to change it. This helps to resist data changes. This shows that the way to record information on the blockchain system makes it impossible to change or hack the system.

How Blockchain works?

We are talking about a great technology called the blockchain. However, it is not a miracle. To understand it, we learn a bit about how blockchain technology works.

We know blockchains are made up of chains and blocks. Each block in these chains contains a number of transactions. When a new blockchain transaction occurs, a record is added to every participant’s ledger.

The highlight of Blockchain is that it is an open and distributed ledger. The blockchain database is shared and continually reconciled. To do that, a blockchain is managed by a peer-to-peer network adhering to a protocol. It will create communication between inter-nodes and validate the blocks.

It means that the blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location. There is no centralized version of this information for a hacker to corrupt. Its data can be accessible to anyone on the internet because hosted by millions of computers at the same time.

Besides, through the consensus protocol, when each block is verified, that block is linked to the chains. When each block is put into the ledger, it is linked to the previous block by using their corresponding hashes. Once recorded, the data in any block cannot be retroactively changed without changing of all subsequent blocks.

There are currently several types of blockchain networks:

✔️ Public blockchains

A public blockchain has no access restrictions. Anyone having access to the internet can become an authorized node by signing in to this blockchain.

✔️ Private blockchains

Unlike public blockchains, this one is not completely decentralized and distributed. A private blockchain is the private property of an organization or an individual. So it is a permissioned blockchain that only operates in a closed network. We cannot join it unless invited by the network administrators.

✔️ Hybrid blockchains

A hybrid blockchain is a combination of a public and private blockchain. Nodes or users of this blockchain network can control who has access to which data on the blockchain.

✔️ Consortium Blockchain

It is a semi-decentralized type of blockchain, a form of private blockchain. The blockchain network will be managed by more than one organization.

Advantages of blockchain technology

Blockchain is safe and secure

There are some outstanding properties of blockchain technology make it appreciated.

✔️ Transparency

Anyone can track and statistic the history of Blockchain data. Blockchain ensures the transparency in transactions through the cryptographic chains.  Therefore, it is more reliable than any third party.

✔️ Decentralization

When the centralized systems have many gaps, the decentralization of the blockchain systems can help fill all. With the peer-to-peer network, there won’t be any control. No organization can unilaterally stop the system. And the system will still exist if a component is removed.

✔️ Immutability

Data in Blockchain is nearly impossible to modify. These data can only be modified by the creator and must be approved by all nodes. However, these data will still be stored forever.

✔️ Security

All information and data in blockchains are distributed and absolutely safe. Blockchain security solution is currently the leading technology choice to protect data from many organizations.

✔️ Risk mitigation

Thanks to the immutability, transactions will always be saved. This reduces disputes, risks, and helps save costs. Blockchain technology is being viewed as the foundation for the future of risk management.

The applications of Blockchain technology

Blockchain is an effective technology solution for businesses

With these outstanding properties, blockchain technology is widely applied. Blockchain applications appear in every industry and will grow even more.

✔️ Blockchain smart contracts

Blockchain technology enable the coding of simple contracts that will execute when specified conditions are met. All smart contract procedures are executed automatically without any external interference. It can be said that smart contracts are the evolution of blockchain.

✔️ Finance service

The users find the blockchain technology cheaper, more transparent, and more effective than other traditional finance systems. Blockchain is applied in asset management, processing insurance claims, or payment quickly and safely. Banks are also interested in blockchain technology because of its potential to speed up the settlement systems.

✔️ Supply chain

Currently, the problem that supply chain management systems often face is the lack of efficiency and transparency. Sometimes, the products and materials, as well as money and data do not move seamlessly throughout the various stages of the chain. These issues can be solved through blockchain applications. This technology provides effective ways for recording, transferring, and sharing data.

✔️ Stock trading

The added efficiency in share settlement makes blockchain technology stocks strongly applied. When executed peer-to-peer, trade confirmations become instantaneous.

✔️ Other use

Many people think that blockchain mainly serves the financial industry with transactions related to currencies and cryptocurrencies. However, Blockchain applications are widely used in all industries from finance to health, real estate, entertainment, insurance, etc.

Write App- The reliable Blockchain technology company

The application of blockchain technology is now very necessary for all organizations. Moreover, any advanced technology has its potential issues. This application needs to be properly monitored and regulated to minimize blockchain risks. Therefore, companies and organizations need to go to professional blockchain services.

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