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The appearance of AI is a great advance in the scientific and technological revolution. This technology is participating and creating impressive developments for many industries today. In the future, AI will be further developed. And the application of AI technology in operation, with any industry, is a visionary step.

At Write App, we have successfully applied AI to projects related to clothing fashion, human measurements, medical applications, 3D modeling, and a lot of other technological products.

Overview of AI technology

What has AI technology been doing?

Start with a few examples. Most of us know and use social networks, such as Facebook. You upload an image and Facebook can recognize the faces of people in this image to tag themselves. In other fields, computers and devices can identify who is a person, which is a cat, which is a car, etc. with any input image. So how can machines do that?

Furthermore, today machines can be intelligent enough to analyze many things. And then they do a certain task much faster and more efficiently than people. Besides object detection, they can also receive other types of data such as text, voice, etc. and start processing and reasoning.

Not only identify information mechanically, but computers also understand the content, meaning, and semantics. Then they give optimal solutions in the way that people want. For example, a computer can “see” you and offer some product recommendations may be right for you. They can be clothes, fashion, a book or any products. And you can even interact with your computer by “communicating”. You enter a content (text or voice), and the computer can understand and reply to you another content.

Similarly, machines can also identify the surroundings and analyze them to perform necessary tasks. It could be a robot capable of detecting agents from the environment and acting promptly (probably detecting dangers and implementing rescue plans immediately).

Going into other industries, we also have more practical technology applications. Such as recreating 3D model, demo training model clothes, measurement in 3d environment, camera measuring body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Those are just the closet examples that show what AI can make. All of those works, from “seeing”, detection to understanding, offering solutions, etc. are the things that need human intelligence. So, for machines to do these things, they also need to have intelligence. It seems like an impossible thing, but now we all know that the technology called AI. AI explains all the amazing things that machines can do above.

Simply put, humans have created machines, devices that actually have “intelligence”. They learn how people think and work, and copy abilities unique to humans. They perceive the environment and reason to work towards purposeful actions. It is the learning process of machines, rather than simply following the accurate programming.

The definition of AI

AI stands for Artificial intelligence. It is a wide-ranging branch of computer science. There are many AI definitions but there is still no consensus. However, we can understand it is is intelligence demonstrated by machines. Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence to think or act like humans in programmed machines.

This definition revolves around the approach that AI includes “rational actions”. Of course, AI is a simulation of intelligent human behaviors and man-made. Important capabilities of AI include learning, reasoning, representation, and interaction. However, this intelligence is not necessarily human or completely identical to humans. Because in fact, humans have limited memory and tend to be confused. And AI technology makes processing speed much faster and more powerful.

The basic components of artificial intelligence

The definitions of artificial intelligence technology can be brief and simple. But to understand how AI can make impressive efficiency in work performance, it involves many problems. Artificial intelligence is also a wide-ranging term. It includes many small branches suitable for application in different industries. You can learn about AI technology through some basic and important components.

👉 Computer vision:

One of the most important fields of artificial intelligence is computer vision. It includes methods of acquisition, processing, analysis, understanding digital images, detecting, and more. Simply put, it is a technique based on copying human vision, helping computers see and understand things like humans.

For example with an image, the computer can detect any object, then output the information that identifies people, animals, vehicles, etc. in this image. This ability to detect and classify objects of computer vision even gives greater accuracy than humans. Some Sub-domains of computer vision include face or object recognition, scene reconstruction, 3D scene modeling, and image restoration.

👉 Machine learning

Machine learning can be considered as a subset of artificial intelligence. It provides computer systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being programmed. In other words, humans have programmed computers to learn by themselves. Machine learning focuses on the development of algorithms that can analyze and make predictions.

To make it clearer, some common areas of Machine learning are related to image processing (image tagging, character recognition, etc.), text analysis (spam filtering, semantic analysis, etc.), etc. The popular use case is automatic friend tagging suggestions of Facebook and other social networks. In fact, Machine learning is being set apart from artificial intelligence, as it has the potential to evolve more.

👉 Natural language processing

Also related to Machine learning, but this is another branch of AI technology focusing on applications of human language. Natural language processing is a very difficult part because it has to make machines understand the semantics of the language. The objective of this field is to effectively implement human-machine interaction, improve the efficiency of human-to-human communication, or word processing efficiency.

Some familiar applications of Natural language processing are text recognition (e.g. converting printed text to word file), speech recognition then converted into text, automatic language translation, etc.

👉 Recommendation system

To put it more precisely, the recommendation system is an application of AI and approached by a machine learning method. It studies and provides users with automated suggestions. That may be based on past user behavior. Or, machines can also use data on old users to infer for new users. This recommendation system is being widely applied in many e-commerce industries to help customers make decisions easily.

Excellent applications of AI technology

👉 Self-driving cars

AI is mentioned more often when autonomous cars are magically created. AI technology helps the vehicle to recognize road conditions to make decisions. For example, it determines the direction of movement, surrounding vehicles, etc. Camera data processed by computer vision allows make corresponding decisions. Such vehicles can automatically adjust the speed, change lanes, self parking, etc.

👉 Photos to 3d model

AI can also convert a normal photo into a 3D model. Artificial intelligence researchers have successfully developed an AI system capable of predicting and building a complete 3D model from any 2D image. From a 2D photo, AI can predict the state of an object in a 3D environment, including some basic elements such as light, texture, and depth. This technique is very useful in many other industries and makes more advances for AI technology today.

👉 Medical

It’s great that AI technology can help people protect their health. We have medical diagnostic and classification applications, including lung cancer detection or tracking of digestive problems, etc. There are also robots and medical equipments that work based on artificial intelligence techniques. Some medical applications also use cameras to observe body changes. Then with AI analysis algorithms, they can produce results of body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

👉 Agriculture

In the world, AI Farming is no longer a strange thing. The robots created from AI help increase productivity and reduce human labor. Large-scale analysis of crop information based on AI also provides harvest forecasts. Now farmers can analyze a variety of things such as temperature,  weather conditions, water usage, or soil conditions to make decisions better. Systems using AI also help to improve quality and harvest more accurately. AI technology can assist in detecting diseases in plants, pests, and poor plant nutrition.

👉  Chatbot

Chatbot or virtual assistant system on many platforms, we are quite familiar today. We already know the automatic message answering on Facebook or websites. And we are no stranger to famous virtual assistants like Alexa of Amazon, Siri of Apple, Google Assistant, etc.

Behind it is nothing more than AI technology. Virtual assistants use technologies of artificial intelligence such as Machine learning and Natural language processing. Not only understanding and responding to commands, but virtual assistants are also built to answer open-ended questions. The techniques used include information searching, information presentation, automatic interpretation, and machine learning.

👉 Business intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also contributing to reorient the way businesses operate. With intelligent analytical tools, business decisions are made quickly and accurately. It helps minimize risks and mistakes. Especially with large and diverse data volumes, AI is an extremely effective tool. The automated planning capabilities of AI technology help businesses perform more optimal management. The techniques of artificial intelligence also support the development of communication and customer service of businesses.

👉 Fashion, clothing industry

In fashion, artificial intelligence applications are also capable of giving very impressive suggestions. With deep learning techniques, models can be trained to make appropriate fashion recommendations. That means we can have an AI machine as a fashion stylist. There are many benefits associated with using AI machines as future stylists. They could process large amounts of data faster. AI programs can also store descriptions of user’s items efficiently. Even in the clothing industry, through computer vision, the AI machine can give measurements to tailor properly.

AI applications at Write App

We can see that AI has been very close to modern life. Putting AI technology into operation is both a tool and a goal of many fields and industries. One thing in common is that it has extremely impressive effects.

In Vietnam, the application of AI technology is also very strong. As one of technology-leading companies, Write App has made artificial intelligence become one of the outstanding technologies here. Currently, Write App has proficiently applied AI technology in developing many projects for customers. These projects include mobile applications, websites, and other technology products.

Until now, new knowledge and techniques in AI programming have been updated by Write App developers. Especially when AI is the technology of the present and the future, it will certainly have many more great applications.

With all this information, AI is a technology that businesses should not ignore. For advice and implementation of AI technology applications, please contact Write App.

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